The Wire: 100% Finished

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J-Walk finished watching all five seasons of the Wire last month. He graciously sent me the DVDs in exchange for three seasons of Arrested Development. Now Nancy and I have finished the Wire and are looking for a trade.

I got two recommendations for the Wire: Curtis, a regular at and Jason Kottke, who has an unnatural love affair with the show. But they were damn fine recommendations because the Wire is a damn fine series. It has great characters and great stories.

These 60 episodes can be yours. If you’d like me to send you this fine DVD set, send me an email with your trade offer. Let me know what TV series you have on DVD and, if it’s something I’m interested in, we’ll make a trade.

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7 thoughts on “The Wire: 100% Finished

  1. I just finished the last season as well. What a great show! I get most of my DVD’s from the library, so have no trade offers. If I did, I suppose it would be Six Feet Under, possibly the best filmed drama I’ve ever seen, or Curb Your Enthusiasm. Got to love that HBO.

  2. 20 years of bicycle racing?

    If you watched it all, one after the other, how long would it take to view the entire collection?

  3. I’ll swap you the [i]Northern Exposure: The Complete Series Giftset (DVD, 2007, 26-Disc Box Set)[/i] for [i]The Wire[/i].

    J-Walk might be more interested in this since it was supposedly set in Talkeetna.. or at least loosely modeled on Talkeetna, but I have no interest in [i]Arrested Development[/i].

  4. 21 stages nowadays have much more TV time then in the past due to the increasing interest in the race. Let’s say that each stage in average has 1.5 hour then 20 x 21 x 1.5 = 630 hours. For the last couple of years it gets more and more TV time and now we can watch some stages from the start to the finish, especially some mountain stages. With commercial breaks included it’s about 6.5 hours per stage. And if I add my own preparations in terms of stage analysis, status in the teams etc I would say 8 hours per stage.

    I have also DVDs from Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a Espana and some classic races like Paris – Roubaix if anyone is interested ;)

    Kind regards,

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