The Famous Nick Hodge

nick hodge at work
Nick Hodge has been getting a lot of press lately.

First, he recently appeared on J-Walk’s blog.

More recently, he was featured on the MVP blog. I’ve been reading that MVP blog since it started and finally I know somebody. I guess I can quit reading it now. Good job, Nick.

Congratulations to Excel MVP Nick Hodge, for getting his first article published on the Excel help section of the Office Online website! Nick’s article entitled, “Excel 2007 – Getting External Data”, was inspired by the number of people seeking help with external data on his web site. In his article, learn about the easy ways to work with external data in Excel 2007.

Here’s Nick on a recent vampire slaying mission.

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6 thoughts on “The Famous Nick Hodge

  1. Surely this is a caption competitor thinly veiled as a news report!

    “Nick Hodge, Excels answer to Tommy Walsh.”
    “Building a XML ribbon required a hand on approach”
    “Mike Alexander was not filled with confidence on seeing his new dentist for the first time!”

    P.S. Well done on the article Nick!


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