Elle’s Birthday

Yesterday was Elle MacPhereson’s birthday. Oh, yeah, it was Daily Dose of Excel’s birthday too. Can you believe it’s been five years? Feels like 20.

Checking the archives, I see that my first post was SUMIF Between Two Dates. I guess that was a pretty good one to start with, since it’s in the top 5 popular posts and has 197 comments.

You know, they laughed at me when I named this blog Daily Dose of Excel. And they were right. I liked the way it sounded, but I didn’t really think about the pressure I was putting on myself. OK, I don’t really feel any pressure, I just post when I can. When I started, I would post three times a day – morning, noon, and night. That seemed like a reasonable schedule. :) Now I shoot for three times a week. In 2009, I’m trying to have a post for every weekday in the month, and thanks to the Euler posts, I’m pretty close to that.

I get advice from family and friends all of the time to change the focus of the blog. “It’s too advanced”, they say. “I read your blog. I didn’t get it, but I read it”, they say. I keep saying I’m going to add a couple of less advanced posts a week to see how it goes, but it hasn’t happened yet. In the last month, I haven’t had time to post about the stuff that interests me, much less a post on the IF function. Oh well, I’ll keep dreaming.

I’ve learned a couple of things over the last five years, and here are two of them: Don’t make ironic, sarcastic, or misleading post titles. For example, don’t title a post about your blog’s birthday “Elle’s Birthday”. That’s just stupid. Maybe for these non-Excel, throw way posts it’s OK. But for the Excel stuff, I should make the title meaningful. In the beginning, my titles were “clever”. That’s about as hard to maintain as a daily posting schedule. And it makes it really hard to find stuff later.

Another lesson I learned is to include pictures of hot chicks in my posts whenever possible. Everyone likes hot chicks; dudes, other hot chicks. But of course I keep it tasteful. Finding an appropriate photo of Elle is not as easy as you might think, as a Google Image Search will quickly tell you.

Bonus Lesson: Check your spelling. I wrote a post entitled Doppleganger. That misspelling will be with me forever. It doesn’t even rank high on Google for the misspelled word, which is the only advantage of misspelling a word.

In addition to the first post, here are some other highlights of the past five years:

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15 thoughts on “Elle’s Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Elle! 5 Years, you get less for murder!

    Well done dick, and all the authors, keep up the good work!

    No posts about if’s please!!!


  2. Dick

    I managed two years the other day but 5…boy, not sure I’ll get that far and to put yourself under daily dose pressure coupled with just Excel…that’s tough.


  3. Well done, Dick – keep up the good work.

    And what’s so bad about the IF function? Rudyard Kipling wrote a poem about it. Telly Savalas sang about it. Surely Dick Kusleika could write a blog post about it?

  4. Well done Dick. It’s no understatement in saying that the continued success of the site really is a tremendous achievement. It takes real work to keep the machine going, and we all benefit from efforts posted here by you, your authors, and indeed the community that shares their comments and ideas.

    I can only hope that my site does as well come its 5th year. Well, hope with work, that is. :-)

    I’ll raise a glass to you come dinner tonight. Here’s to (at least) five more, one daily dose at a time.

  5. Maybe the “daily” part is how often I check it – not how often you write it. Still one of the very very best.

  6. “Elle MacPhereson – She sure enough is beautiful, but who is she?”

    You don’t know who Elle MacPherson is?

    Next you’ll be asing who Don Bradman is ;)

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