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I recently watched The Contract. It was terrible. It was worse than The House Bunny (my wife picked that one, I swear). You’re probably saying, “I like John Cusack. I like Morgan Freeman.” Yes, they’re good. Everyone else in the movie is terrible.

How does a really bad movie become a blog post on an Excel site? I’m watching the credits roll by before I can stop the Netflix stream. There was a strange coincidence in several of the last names, so I kept watching. It was surreal. I’ll let the data tell the rest of the story. There were 612 people in the cast and crew.

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4 thoughts on “Excel Movie Reviews

  1. That’s a lot of Vs!

    The IMDB says it was filmed in Bulgaria, Spokane, and Washington DC. It appears that they hired the locals in Bulgaria.

  2. Nothing so strange about it. Think of it this way:

    Antonov = “Son of” Anton

    If you were watching a Scandinavian location film, would you be surprised that so many names end in “son” (Johnson, Anderson, etc).? Also, I believe the “ova” is the feminine form. You’ll notice there were quite a few of those as well — “a” was your other spike.

  3. You should watch a Football World Cup. There you might learn about typical last names (like XXXXson in Sweden, McXXXXX in Scotland, Van XXXX in Netherlands, XXXXez in Spain and XXXXov in almost any slavian country like Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, etc). In USA, an inmigrants’ country (like Argentina, my country) there’s a mix of all of them, and therefore no such a homogeneity
    All those cases means “son of”, of course.

  4. Randy Harmelink and David – you’re wrong. I’m Bulgarian myself.

    In Bulgaria we have 3 names – first, second and last. Second name is what we call “father’s name” and it indicates which son am I. Last name is Family name – it indicates to which House I belong. So in case my name was Ivaylo Dimitrov Ivanov that means:

    1. My name is Ivaylo.
    2. I am son of Dimiter
    3. I am from Ivanov’s family.

    And there is no rule that Family name MUST end with V… A lots of family names in Bulgaria ending with -ski also.

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