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Earlier today I was experiencing a problem with Excel 2003. I was getting this error message: “Code execution has been interrupted”, as described at this Mr. Excel thread. I restarted my computer and all seemed to be fine. Then I got another error message about OnKey in a project I wasn’t even using (although it was loaded). Clearly something is askew.

So I decided to Code Clean all my add-ins and personal.xls and get things nice and tidy. While doing it, I decided to see how much memory Excel uses with nothing loaded. It’s been a while since I’ve had Excel in that state.

With no add-in loaded or workbooks open, Excel starts at 8,780 and after a minute settles down on 9,752. That’s far less than I thought. One by one, I installed my add-ins. When I was done, Excel was at 49,944. Finally, I restarted Excel. When it first hit Task Manager, it was around 11,000. As the add-ins loaded, it worked its way up to 44,400 where it finally settled.

Here are the files I have loaded:

Stuff I Wrote Stuff Others Wrote
Rep Commissions Query Manager
Make Memo Flex Find
Royalties Name Manager
WorkOrderQB PUP v6
WorkOrder Code Cleaner
BackOrderQB Analysis Toolpak
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