WordPress Upgrade

My WordPress install was just upgraded, so things might be screwy while I get things sorted. I’m trying out a live preview plugin on the comments.

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29 thoughts on “WordPress Upgrade

  1. Dick – the author names seem to be missing since the upgrade…
    This seems to be on all posts, not just new ones (comments unaffected).

    Makes it a bit tricky to know who has submitted which posts (although long time readers should be able to guess!).

    Like the upgrade though, the live preview is very handy (and good to see that the & issue is finally fixed) and the recent section is very clear.

  2. Thanks Simon. Fixed the author thing. I’m still not happy with the recent comments section, but it is better. I was surprised that “office football pool” was such a popular post. Then my wife reminded me that it’s superbowl season. I had to slap my forehead for not putting that one together.

  3. Live preview of the text I’m writing?

    dim something as thing

    but this does not preview as code – unless I have typed the tags wrong? lets see!

  4. Nope, the live preview doesn’t do a few things. I think I’ll look for a preview button that would render it properly, though it wouldn’t be live. Do people actually preview their posts if they have to click an extra button?

  5. Agreed. Except that nobody ever reads that little blurb above the comment box about less than signs and their code gets screwed up. So maybe if they fixed the < problem, I don’t really need a preview.

  6. Hi Dick –

    The blank line quirk inside the VB tags is still with us. Is there a line limit to the VB code? I’ve tried to save a draft with 383 lines (it’s #54, the poker problem) and I keep getting truncated. I can put it up in chunks if needed, of course. Is there a limit to the number of chunks? Is there another option?

    …best, mrt

  7. Hi Dick –

    It’s in the ether. It was a bad night for Player 1 ;-)

    Ran pretty quick at 46ms. So far, longest problem.

    Inside comments agree.

    …best, mrt

  8. MRT: I pasted the code into a module, fixed the line wrapping problems (that my email created) and put spaces on all of the blank rows. Then I pasted it into your draft and didn’t have any problem when I previewed it. No, I’m not calling you crazy. :) Let me know if you have further problems.

  9. Hi Dick – don’t worry about calling me crazy. I absolutely am that, and stubborn too, for putting that much effort into one Euler credit, and you’ll just confirm it. I’ll wrap it in some lurid prose and post it Saturday morning. Sorry to shovel the cleanup off on you, but I do admire those blog-operly powers you owners have ;-)

    Since it’s not a code-length problem, then I think it’s still the cut-and-paste one. I’m going to not only code on the Windows side, but post from there too, and see if I’m right, though any more problems this long are going to have to sneak up on me.


  10. Hi Dick –

    Mac on the home side, PC on the work side. Bilingual ;-) Definitely in the PC camp for Excel.

    Using the PC at work, looking at the code posted in the Euler 43 thread, with both FireFox and IE it seems the horizontal scroll is “iffy” for pasted code.


  11. Posting some test code with angle brackets matched left and right. Code is

    If A less than B then
    ‘blah bleep
    ElseIf A greater than B then
    ‘bleep blah
    End If

    If A <b> B then
       ‘bleep blah
    End If


  12. Doug – If you mean #54–right now ;-)

    If you really mean #53, ping back and I’ll put it up.


  13. Dick – Did you see the angle bracket problem with a closed pair, just like HTML tags?


  14. I think something bad happened to your search engine. Search for something, like “userform”, and you get a few (for my taste too few) results. Click “previous entries” at the bottom of the result list and it shows previous entries for the blog, as from the main page, not from the search.

  15. Agreed Harald. That’s not right. I nixed it and went with Google custom search in the sidebar. It’s how I search my own site anyway. Thanks for the heads up.

Posting code? Use <pre> tags for VBA and <code> tags for inline.

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