Free Office

Not that Office. SoftMaker Office 2006 for Windows

What you will receive is a fully-functional, non-crippled, not time-limited version of this office suite… totally free of charge, without any obligations.

Why are we doing this? We hope that you will like SoftMaker Office 2006 so much that you will consider upgrading to its successor, SoftMaker Office 2008 for Windows.

Even if you won’t, you don’t owe us anything. We would love to welcome you as a new user of our software, be it the free version or the for-pay one.

I love programs that run from my thumbdrive, so I tried it. Here are my first three impressions:

1. RANDBETWEEN a is built-in function – good.
2. Ctl+D does not fill down – bad.
3. 3-D Pie Charts – awesome.

NEW: Macro programming with PlanMaker

With the supplied scripting tool BasicMaker you can write macros for TextMaker and PlanMaker in VBA (“Visual Basic for Applications”) style. This lets you automate recurring tasks and add new capabilities to the applications.

I’ve generally given up on trying new spreadsheets. The only compelling feature any of them have is that they’re in the cloud. And those generally have usability issues. By usability issues, I mean I find it harder to navigate around. But I like that these guys are giving away the old version and that it fits on a flash drive, so what the heck.

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7 thoughts on “Free Office

  1. Intuitive, I would say. I think with any change, there’s going to be some looking around. However, compared to Excel 2007, I looked around quite a bit less.

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