Add-ins in Excel 2007

Recently, someone asked me if there was a better way to manage add-ins in Excel 2007. Specifically, he wants something better than Office Menu – Excel Options – Addins – (wait) – Go. Here’s a recent edition to my Personal.xls

Sub ShowAddins()
    Dim wb As Workbook
    ‘Dialog won’t show if there’s no workbook showing
   If ActiveWorkbook Is Nothing Then
        Set wb = Workbooks.Add
    End If
    ‘Show addin dialog
    ‘Close wb if it was created
   On Error Resume Next
        wb.Close False
End Sub

And here’s how I added it to my QAT (Quick Access Toolbar). Click on the little down-arrow next to the QAT and choose More Commands…

Visit PTS Installing an Add-in in Excel 2007 for more on Add-ins.

Visit Ron de Bruin’s How do I create a PERSONAL.xls(B)… page for more on Personal.xls.

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6 thoughts on “Add-ins in Excel 2007

  1. One thing: In Excel 2007, you no longer need to have a workbook open before showing the add-ins dialog.

    Another thing: The Alt-T-I shortcut (Tools > Add-Ins in 2003) still works in 2007.

  2. There is already a built in Button called Add-ins – Just add it to the QAT from the “command well”

  3. ALT-T-I does not work if no workbook is open, nor does the Add-Ins button on the QAT…Its has to be BLOB + Options + addins + wait + Go

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