Peltier Loves Pie

I’m testing out widgenie (beta) and want to see how an embedded chart looks. I chose a pie chart because I’ve been reading lately how we all know pie charts are bad.

Anyway, this took about 10 seconds to create with Debra’s sample data.

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12 thoughts on “Peltier Loves Pie

  1. Mmmmmm pie.
    Best thing is that when you click a piece then it moves. And if that wasn’t enough; click again and it moves right back. The future, no less.

  2. I’ve been testing Widgenie as well, and giving them lots of feedback (it is a beta, and its rough in spots, but functional enough to use). It is pretty slick, but I suspect that Jon will object to the eye candy. :-)

    Debra, I hadn’t even thought to right-click on the chart. That is pretty slick.

  3. Try the “Enable Slicing Movement” too. Click on a slice. Cool, but it’s still a pie chart. Does it handle other charts? Can you turn off the 3D look?

  4. The pie you made illustrates the problems with this chart type. Jardine and Parent look to be the same size, while Kivell looks somewhat larger. The data labels indicate that Kivell is only slightly larger than Parent (by

  5. Oh yeah, stupid less than character. Doh!

    As I was saying…

    Kivell is <1% greater than Parent, while both are ten percent greater than Jardine. In Excel, the recreated pie shows a different illusion, I think it was Kivell appearing smaller than Parent and Jardine. Different orientations and colors are probably responsible for the changing illusions. When I sorted the pie slices by value, the illusion went away, and in a bar chart, there was no illusion, whether the bars were sorted or not.

    Finally, I wrote about how I really do love pie:

    Peltier Loves Pie

    … just not pie charts.

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