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First, from the double trademark infringement department, there’s Excel®RainMain®, who says:

Whether it’s your homework, day job, or just a new idea, let the Excel Rain Man make your life easier! Submit a Request, inquiries are free! (see How it Works for further details)

Pay for homework service? For a fee, I’ll read your lit homework and tell you what they books are about. Except Jane Eyre, I’ve never been able to get through that one. However, Donna says ExcelRainMain is hot, so there’s that.

Getting Information From the Web Using Excel VBA is going on my “to read” list.

The first stumbling block in this project is the need for a special reference from within Excel VBA — the Microsoft Internet Transfer Control reference. You may need to download msinet.ocx (you can find it pretty easily through popular search engines) in order to add this reference.

That doesn’t show up in my references dialog, but I’d like to play around with it a little. By the way, my “to read” list is a list of things I want to do but probably never will.

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7 thoughts on “Excel Links

  1. What a world we live in. An anonymous person with no credentials or samples can advertise their services on the Web and collect money in advance. And, if I understand the Service Terms, she can provide absolutely lousy service, and the client has no recourse.

    Nice gig, Rainman!

  2. Jane Eyre? Try the “Wide Sargasso Sea” (the prequel to JE); now that’s painful.

  3. John, Although I agree with your comments about RainMan, I don’t believe it is up to us to pass judgment.
    Maybe RainMan has put a fancy front-end to submitting questions to the many excel blogs, user groups and MS Help Groups and is charging a fee for the privilege.
    Ultimately market forces Supply and Demand will show the success of this product.
    How many weight loss, hair regrowth, breast/penis enlargement schemes are around and it is up to us the consumers to make our own choices and drive there success or failure.
    Free enterprise is alive and well in the good old US of A

  4. I’ve tried three times and can’t even get on that site. It looks like the link you posted might have caused a Digg effect on that site and blew it up; everyone reading this page must all be trying to load the site all at once.

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