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The Contextures Blog has moved off of the wordpress.com domain and onto the contextures.com domain. Check it out if you haven’t, update your feeds if you have.

PTS Blog is holding a contest for physics and engineering spreadsheet models. Since I’ve mentioned it on my blog, I get to submit six entries. I’m not a physicist nor an engineer, so I won’t be submitting any.

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2 thoughts on “Excel Blog Happenings

  1. Deb – Pick something involving accounting or golf (or lying, which both of these seem to include), so Dick can enter. And no, if you look closely, I didn’t just call Dick a liar.

    I recall my amusement when MS Word first came out with a thesaurus. Back then I was still practicing metallurgy, specifically metalworking, and I was amused at the negative alternate definitions of the words we used to describe our activities, like fabricate and forge.

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