Mike Won!

Mike from the Northeast won the 4-year anniversary contest. A copy of Dalgleish’s Excel Pivot Table Recipes is soon to be rushing to his house from wherever Amazon rushes stuff. In the contest, I asked for your favorite non-Excel blogs, and here are some of them:

Office Live Small Business… – Why are Microsoft brand names a whole paragrah? Just say it already!
The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs
Sasha Frere-Jones
101-things-in-1001-days – I was going to do that once – too hard.
Pogue’s Posts
Stuff White People Like – A little racism for variety.
Information Aesthetics
Hot Air
Old New Thing
Sean MacNair – Kiss over Zep? C’mon!
Experiences of an English Soldier
Gizmodo – I quit reading gadget sites for some reason. Maybe it’s time to start again.
Creed Thoughts – Possibly my favorite non-Simpsons show

I haven’t read many of these blogs and don’t endorse them. But I casually glanced at them and will probably give them a second look.

I’m heading to Seattle tomorrow for the MVP Summit. If you read blogs by other Excel MVPs, you know we like to drink at the Rock Bottom. As is my tradition, I got a new pair of shoes right before the summit. I bought Sketchers this time because I’m trying to look younger. It must be a mid-life crisis thing. Now if I could just learn to balance on a skateboard.

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4 thoughts on “Mike Won!

  1. Dick –

    Thank you. I apologize for being so late in getting back to you. I just finished an eight-day unplugged vacation. No personal email, no business email, no internet, no computer. Some withdrawal pangs.

    I’ve sent on my mailing address in a private email. This was a nice welcome-home surprise. Thank you.

    …Mike from the Northeast

  2. Hi Dick –

    “Pivot Table Recipes” was waiting for me when I got home last night. Thank you.

    So much to learn. So little time. But stuff I need to know. Thanks.

    …Mike from the Northeast

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