Two popular tools updated.

Hi All,

As many of you know I give away a number of tools for Excel through my site Today I have updated the two most popular downloads:

Name Manager (which I created together with Charles Williams,

Most important change: the unused names filter now includes objects in its search, as well as VBA code. It makes the filter much slower, but way more useful in my opinion. Also, I have added the Greek character set so Name Manager doesn’t (wrongfully) think range names with Greek characters are corrupt.

So far, Name Manager has been downloaded about 50,000 times since I posted it on my site.


I have updated the user interface of Flexfind so (in my opinion) it is easier to use. Also, I have mimicked the find all behaviour of Excel: if you select multiple items in the found items list, Flexfind will create a (multiple) selection of areas of the found cells.

Flexfind is less popular than Name Manager, the download count is at about 23,000.


Of course I am open to any comments, suggestions and -most importantly- lots of praise :-)

Jan Karel Pieterse

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11 thoughts on “Two popular tools updated.

  1. Name Manager continues to be my favorite and most used Excel add-in. I appreciate your work and the work of all others involved. I also appreciate your tolerance of suggestions and willingness to offer support.

    Dank u!

  2. I’ve also used this one, and found it very useful. Jan, I have a question for you, and for others that create all of this great software and give it away for free.

    I have been writing VBA code for years to help in my work, and have some stuff that I think could others would find very useful. I’m not sure I have the time or energy to try selling it though.

    My latest thought is to make it open-source, post it at or, and let anyone download it or modify it. Do you think this model works with Excel/VBA programs, or do they do best with a single owner/creator? Of course I want to see it take off, and have 50,000 people download it and use it!

  3. JKP,

    A small Suggestion (For Excel 2003 and below)… why not add button that will resize the namebox (to fit the Longest name in the File)


  4. Matt: I’d just put it up somewhere where people can download it. Solicit them for comments by including an email address in the code or on an about message somewhere. Then advertise your “product”… Good luck.

    The best learning experience is by making your tools available; if they’re useful, you’re bound to get comments.

  5. I was merely telling Sam about Chip’s code. When the first comment didn’t appear I posted a much shorter link to Chip’s site, rather than telling all about the code.

    I suppose you could incorporate it into the Name Manager though.

  6. Gotcha. I have been working an a Name Manager toolbar a long time ago. Might be something to add (and a ribbon equivalent of course).
    What do you think guys?

  7. Hi Jon,
    There is a slightly modified code by XL-Dennis/Ivan-F…(I think)

    It adjust the width to the max available name in the name box….

  8. Very nice tool!

    I happened on Name Manager when I hit a complete roadblock writing a tool of similar functionality in VBA for another group in the company here… They have spreadsheets that have been passed down for (seemingly) *generations*, and through their many modifications to them have managed to create literally hundreds of defined names that fit into one or more of these categories:
    * The name itself is invalid (contains spaces)
    * The RefersTo is an external link that does not exist at all
    * The RefersTo is an external link that has been moved (my tool does bulk search/replace for all external links by file, folder, or structure of folders)
    * The name is a sheet-level define whose sheet doesn’t exist
    * The name refers to a sheet that doesn’t exist
    * The name has #REF in the RefersTo
    * The name is not used anywhere

    At least those are the items that I check for…

    By the way, this is NOT an ad for the tool I am writing as I will make it readily available to anyone who wants it… It’s GPL and unpolished.

    My point.. I hit a brick wall when trying to rename the defines whose names are invalid. It’s completely ludicrous that you can’t delete a defined name whose name is invalid.

    I downloaded Name Manager and saw that it successfully deletes / renames invalid defines by changing the Application.ReferenceStyle (App level change). I take it that there is no reasonable way to rename a SINGLE define or at least to provide valid alternate define names in the dialog box that Application.ReferenceStyle shows?


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