Here’s something you may not have known about Australia: They haven’t heard of free internet yet. This post is costs $2. You’ll have to wait until I’m stateside to hear about all the $7 beers I’ve been drinking.

Update That strike through costs another $1 and this update another $1 still. What am I made of money?

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14 thoughts on “G’day

  1. I’m reading this from Norway, Europe.
    There’s no such thing as free Internet access in this country either, luckily my employer is taking the bill :-)

  2. Welcome down under Dick & John.
    Yes free internet, thats the stuff we dream of, there are local free hot spots few and far between

    $7 Beer, your in the wrong Pub.

    Shame you aren’t heading west

    Have a great trip


  3. If beer is costing you $7 a glass, I’m guessing that you’re drinking at Darling Harbour where the Excel Conference is being held. Trying heading a few blocks east into the city (around George Street) and you’ll find the beer (along with everything else) is half that price. Unfortunately Darling Harbour is setup for tourists and they take great delight in ripping them off. You won’t find many locals shopping, eating nor drinking there.

    BTW, welcome to Australia!

  4. Never mind Dick, just think what you are saving on the cut-price Australian tips :).

    But yes, rip-off Internet at hotels really annoys me too. But if you think that is bad, check out what we get charged for 3G wireless connections if you go over your tiny download limit.

  5. Good thing I have Sprint wireless. They just changed to Simply Everything, no overages for any data, access, etc.

    Enjoy your trip, Dick. And don’t forget your purpose there! LOL

  6. In Excel I am adding the values of 5(in A1), 4.12 (in A2), and 6.09 (in A3) which gives me 15.21 in cell A4… =SUM(a1+a2+a3)No problem

    But, what I need is formula for cell A5 that returns only the sun of the values to the right of the decimal point in cells a1,a2,a3. (Which would give me a result of 0.21 in cell A5.)

  7. Only reason they get away with it is cause people continue to pay for it. No one needs a beer bad enough to pay $7 for it. But then if I was told twenty years ago we would be paying $1.25 a pint for water …

  8. Tom –

    No need for the Plus-signs inside SUM(). You could have written your first formula as =SUM(A1:A3) or = SUM(A1,A2,A3).

    Now as for what you want:


  9. Tom- try any of these ones.




  10. Since off topic doesn’t seem a problem in this thread, let me share this cute story from today:
    Jan asked for help in the danish newsgroup; his excel menus suddenly had reverse unreadable text. I suggested he should look for John’s prankster file Menu Shenanigans from http://j-walk.com/ss/Excel/files/general.htm.
    He found no trace of it.
    But by downloading it and placing it in the startup folder he reversed the reverse menus, and all is well again. Isn’t that nice ?

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