Presidents Day Chart Sale

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Worst. BlogPost title. Ever.

Jon Peltier of Peltier Technical Services (and world renowned charting expert) has started the PTS blog to:

…show off some of the projects I’ve worked on, share some Excel and Charting tips and techniques, show how to make some tricky charts that people ask about in forums and newsgroups, and talk about the various utilities I’m working on.

I had already subscribed to the RSS feed for his site, so his first blog post showed up automatically for me. I love RSS. Needless to say, I’ll be reading every post and if you have any interest in charting in Excel, you should too.

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8 thoughts on “Presidents Day Chart Sale

  1. Come on, you had the benefit of a handful of drunken Excel MPVs to help you come up with Dick’s Clicks. (Drunken Excel MVPs, isn’t that redundant?)

  2. I went to the PTS Blog looking for a good deal on a mattress. I left, unfulfilled. I will never return.

    Just kidding. I’ll be back next year. By then, you will have learned that Presidents Day is all about mattress sales.

    Hey Jon, if it’s not too late, consider changing the directory name to something other than WordPress (probably the default when you install). Something like might work.

    BTW, I think I’m responsible for Dick’s Clicks. At least that’s how I remember it.

  3. That’s how I remember it too. And Debra talked me out of spelling like dix-clix. She said it was too porn-y. Why is she always thinking about porn?

    As for the worst blog title, I was referring to the title of this post. I think PTS blog is a fine name. I’ve never liked that people refer to individual posts as blogs, and here I am doing it.

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  5. This blog is the best!!!

    I have a quick question – I have to ad up sales numbers for the month of February only for the past 3 (three) years. My data columns are as follows (for example)
    Jan 06 $23,000
    Feb 06 $44,000
    Mar 06 $12,000
    Dec 06 $77,000
    Jan 07 $55,000
    Feb 07 $18,000
    Mar 07 $23,000
    Jan 08 $46,000
    Feb 08 $22,000

    And again I am supposed to add only the sums for the month of February. The date column format is DATE(YEAR(X),MONTH(Y),DAY(Z))




  6. Make a pivot table from the data. Put the dates in the row area and the values in the data area. Right click on the dates field button in the table, and choose Group and Show Detail, then select Group. In the Group dialog, select Month and Year. This gives you two columns for date, year and month. Drag the month button up to the column area. The result is a table with months across the top and years down the left side. If you have grand totals, your yearly sums are in the last column and sums for each month in the bottom row.

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