Beta testing request

Hi everyone,

I am busy building my very first COM addin for Excel and I’ve now come to the stage that I need some beta testers.

Who would be willing to run some tests on my new “Excel Formula Reference Auditing Utility” (see screenshot below)?
If interested, send me an email:

What’s in it for you? a free copy of the tool once the beta is finished.

###EDIT Oct 29, 2007###
I’d like to thank everyone who has volunteered for beta testing. For now, I have sufficient people doing testing, so the subscription is closed.


Jan Karel Pieterse

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2 thoughts on “Beta testing request

  1. Hi Jan Karel,

    Very nice to see that You now have added COM add-ins to the toolbox :)

    From what I can see (from my corner of the world) is an emergency growing need for auditing and to create reports to document business critical Excel solutions.

    The BI vendors have put, by their (loudly) criticism of Excel as a BI tool, auditing of / to document Excel solutions higher on the agenda. I find it to be good as it should increase the quality in Excel solutions and also improves Excel as a BI-tool.

    I’m looking forward to see how the tool will evolve within the nearest future.

    Kind regards,

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