Twenty-two Hours

Yesterday I was up for 22 hours. I woke at 4 AM to catch a plane to Charlotte, NC. I drove to Columbia, SC. After lunch, a couple of beers, and a trip to the USC bookstore, I went to the South Carolina-Kentucky game. If you watched it on TV, you probably didn’t see me. I was sitting about 10 rows from heaven. The Gamecocks won, and we all enjoyed the fans’ chants that included the word cock in some way.

After the game, I drove to Clemson, SC and finally got to bed about 2 AM. Tomorrow I’m going to see the Clemson-VA Tech game. I have no idea what I’m going to do here today, but I can guess that will involve beer in some way. Have a great weekend.

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10 thoughts on “Twenty-two Hours

  1. I remember being up for 22 hour streches when I was in the Army. Nothing like being up all night drinking then having to run 5 miles. Ahh…youth.

    I remember once I woke up with a Burger King Whopper on my chest. It had one bite taken out of it. I imagine we ordered a late night snack before I passed out. I ate it for breakfast.

  2. I remember once, after a couple of days without sleep in the army, talking to a silver unicorn on guard duty.

  3. This one time at band camp!

    Did you buy any books?

    I bought two books on Sunday when I paid, the till lady gave me a receipt and said that I could get 15% off any other books I bought in the next week. So I went to another till and got a refund on the most expensive book (£50/$100), then bought another copy of it with 15% off – strangely no one at the book shop said a word!

  4. No books. Campus bookstores are where students go to buy text books for their classes. So even if they had a book I’d want to read, it would be grossly over-priced. They also sell apparel with the university name/logo on it. I bought a t-shirt that says “Gamecocks” and a hat that says “COCKS, The University of South Carolina”.

    I inexplicably forgot to mention what I had for lunch that day: Confederate Fried Steak with grits and collard greens. I’ve never had grits or collard greens before, but when in Rome. Grits were like cream of wheat that I’d had as a kid. I believe they’re made of corn, however. Collard greens are an unholy cross between cabbage and spinach.

  5. Dick;
    I am not a sports fan but have set many, many 20+ hours poker sessions; and I have a hat that says ‘NUTS’ on it. So, I had the best hand in a Gamecocks sanctioned poker tourney would I have the NUTS on COCKS? :)

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