Will You Still Need Me

It’s time once again for the obligatory birthday post. Today, I’m 26 in hexadecimal. In the past, I’ve been =FACT(4)+PV(1,30,28)+MONTH(38166)+SIN(RADIANS(90))+LEN(“dicksblog”)+CHOOSE(3,10,14,22,36,88)+TRUE and 00100100. Last year was a birthday clip show with no fancy age representation.

I had trouble coming up with a decent “getting older” euphemism for my title. I settled on lyrics from the Beatles’ tune, When I’m 64. One of my birthday presents was tickets to a show called Yesterday and Today at the Omaha Community Playhouse. From what I hear, it’s a bunch of Beatles’ covers. I’m sure there’s more to it than just that, but I can’t find any information on the show. I’m quite sure it’s nothing like Movin’ Out, which I panned last year. Speaking of pans, I saw the advertisement for the show when I saw Peter Pan recently. Peter Pan was a good show, particularly the guy who played Captain Hook.

Once again I Played the West. It was an enjoyable trip of golf and some very nice cigars. The Diamond Crown Maximus is my new favorite cigar. When my humidor is emptied, it will be filled next with these. For Independence Day, I’ll be playing at Old Kinderhook, which I’m looking forward to.

This weekend I’ll be strolling down memory lane with my fellow alumni of Daniel J. Gross High School. Twenty years? Man, I’m old. Apparently I haven’t accomplished enough in my life to make the On This Day post at The Hodge Blog. Maybe next year.

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13 thoughts on “Will You Still Need Me

  1. Happy birthday! Hope you and yours are doing well.

    I didn’t make it to my 20th high school reunion last year, but I hope to make my 25th.

  2. Happy birthday Dick, from a youngster who’s only 20 in hex! Man, that sounds better than in decimal… :-)

  3. Happy birthday Dick,
    What do you play off, I get the feeling your quite good?
    I’m only 26 in decimal!

  4. Happy B-Day Dick.
    Hey, I’m your Dec age in Hex. Meaning my 40th high school reunion is just around the corner. Wow, somebody was having a good time.

  5. Well, I’m just in between Dick and doco. My 30th HS reunion would be this year, but nobody has cared enough to organize it. My 20th was completely irrelevant. My 25th college reunion was a different story, though.

  6. “What do you play off, I get the feeling your quite good?”

    I’m a 13 handicap…and rising it seems. Although I did finally break 80 this year.

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