DDoE Upgrades

This site might be down for a little bit on Sunday. We’re getting more bandwidth, a WordPress upgrade, and a MySQL upgrade. Hopefully it will speed up the site. Be sure to let me know if you see any performance increase next week (or if you don’t).

Meanwhile, I’m stacking up Excel posts trying to find the time to post them. In between work, starting (and hopefully finishing) my taxes, and playing with my new mower, I hope to get a couple posted before Monday.

Have a super, fantastic, crazy, nutty weekend.

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12 thoughts on “DDoE Upgrades

  1. Dick, overall it seems to be faster loading, and I haven’t had to hit the reload button as much, if at all. Previously, it would time out fairly often, and sometimes reload would bring it up, sometimes not. But, again, it’s better now.

  2. When it loads, it does seem faster. It’s a little flaky still, so sometimes it doesn’t load at all. I have few things I’m going to try to help performance. There are some xhtml errors that I’m going to fix which may help. Also, I’m going to check the relative speeds of the MySQL queries to see if there’s one that’s being a hog. Lastly, I’m going to try a new theme. My host installed akismet for spam blocking which deleted 7,000 spam messages, reducing the database size, which I think helped.

  3. Dick, I take it back – it’s still not loading sometimes – sounds like that’s what you’re seeing too. Of course, such a fine site is worth waiting for.

  4. Hi Dick,

    I’ve noticed recently that the DDoE Recent Posts Google Gadget sometimes regresses to show older posts. It’s only happened a couple times, today being one example:

    Daily Dose of Excel
    * Listing an Object’s Properties and Methods
    * Excel VBE Multiline Search And Replace
    * Combobox Events in an Add-in

    What the search and replace post is doing in there is anybody’s business.

  5. Rick: I believe Google uses the rss feed to create that. If even a small edit is made to a post, and the post is sufficiently recent, it will show back up in the rss feed. I see it in Bloglines too.

  6. I’m trying another ‘recent comments’ plugin for the sidebar. Alex was the latest, but not the only, person that missed having those easily accessible. The site has been so quick to load lately, I’m leery of mucking it up, but so far so good.

  7. Dick, it’s great to have the recent comments back on the home page. Speed and convenience!

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