9 thoughts on “Still More Free Stuff (Almost)

  1. I think it is customary to offer a up a First Born Child, in these circumstances.
    And if she doesn’t clean her room and go to sleep by 9:00 PM …

  2. Jan, you are completely correct, I apologize. The offer is now:

    1. A signed copy of PDF2XL Enterprise
    2. A blog post glorifying the book
    3. My SOUL!

  3. John,

    I’ll trade you the 40+ hours I spent testing PUP 7 for a copy :D


  4. Only 4 responses, meaning 2 copies must still be available. What can I give an Excel guru? Certainly not Excel tips! How about a mention on my corporate blog, my gratitude for helping a relative Excel/VBA noob learn something more without having to spend a smal fortune on the book, and help with your next import shipment?

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