Excel MVP Web Sites

Just for fun, here’s a list of Excel MVPs who have a Web site.

I’m sure this list isn’t complete. If I’m missing someone, please add the name and URL in a comment. I’ll update the list later.

Here’s a list of all 76 Excel MVPs. About 30 of them will be attending the MVP Summit next week, where they expect a huge crowd – 1,800 people.

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7 thoughts on “Excel MVP Web Sites

  1. Cheers to the MVPs, one and all. I have learned many, many things from these web sites and various books, and much of the code in my company spreadsheets would look mighty familiar to some of these guys.

  2. I am standing and applauding all in the list as I have greatly benefited from their expertise and learned an incalculable amount of information.

    Thanks indeed to all for your selfless help throughout the years.


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