Best wishes for 2007

Hi everyone,

Let me take this opportunity to wish everyone an Excellent 2007!

As in many parts of the world, a new year in Holland traditionally starts with expressing ones good intentions for the coming year (which -also traditionally- hardly ever last more than a week or two).

So what are your good intentions?

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14 thoughts on “Best wishes for 2007

  1. Each time I see a sentence with the the number 2007, I instinctively think it refers to Office 2007. I need to get out more.

    Everyone have an Excel 2007….uh….I mean Excellent 2007.

  2. My intentions for 07 are to learn Flash (yes, that was also my 06 intention) and to get familiar with Sharepoint. Will continue to drink beer, lose hair and not smoke.

    Happy new year everybody!
    Best wishes Harald

  3. Happy New Year everyone, after 2 weeks away from a pc, my first resolution is to learn how to type again!!

    My second WAS to stop smoking (again) but I had broken that by 12:10am on the 1st January (again)… :-(

  4. I already posted my resolutions under the previous thread – so I suppose I had better make another one to read and think before pressing submit!

  5. Ross,

    SQL2005 is excellent!! Now that I love the database tool, I need to figure out how to build apps for it; I need to learn .NET.

    Otherwise I don’t set resolutions for the New Year. I never really have.


  6. I intend to lose weight. I actually weighed 156 at my wedding in 1967. Aiming for 180-190! Wish me luck!
    Also want to master all (most) of the innards of Excel 2007!

  7. My good intentions:

    1. Finish Excel 2007 Power Programming
    2. Revise Excel Tips & Tricks
    3. Revise Excel Charts
    4. Update Power Utility Pak so it works well with Excel 2007
    5. Revamp my dust old web site

    Then I plan to take about two years off and write a novel and play lots of banjo.

    Losing about 20 pounds wouldn’t hurt either.

  8. I would like to have a more pleasent year and i hope someone finds a way to restore Excel 2007 to the classic GUI we are all used to, or i will get stick with Excel 2003.

  9. Smile more, laugh more, talk more, listen more, help more… and share all of that with more good friends and family. It is the same resolution that I have every year. To date I think I am doing a little better than 50% in keeping my resolution.

  10. [i]J-Walk Says:

    Then I plan to take about two years off and write a novel and play lots of banjo.[/i]

    OMG! What will we all do for two years? This is not good (for us, that is!)

    Memo to self: Let’s pop over to Chips’ site and bother him instead :-)

    Best wishes for the New Year everyone!

  11. Bob Umlas Says: “Wish me luck!”

    Good luck Bob (Excel MVP). I wish I could make it to your
    Excel 2007 presentation at NYPC Excel SIG on Tuesday night.

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