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This is just a test post, using Word 2007 Beta. I tried to get it to work with my own blog, but no luck. WordPress is one of the supported options, and it’s supposed to work with the MetaBlogger API. But either I can’t figure out what their cryptic dialogs want, or it just doesn’t work.

Let’s try a list:

  • Bullet Point #1
  • Another one
  • Final Bullet Point

    Does indented text get tagged as blockquote?

How about a picture?

Let’s try a table:

Column 1

Column 2

Column 3

Row 1, Column 1

Row 1, Column 2

Row 1, Column 3

Row 2, Column 1

Row 2, Column 2

Row 2, Column 3


Here’s a code listing using the [ vb ] tags.

 <pre>Sub AddToShortCut()
‘ Adds a menu item to the Cell shortcut menu
   Dim Bar As CommandBar
    Dim NewControl As CommandBarButton
    Set Bar = CommandBars(“Cell”)
    Set NewControl = Bar.Controls.Add _
      (Type:=msoControlButton, ID:=1, _
    With NewControl
      .Caption = “Toggle &amp;Word Wrap”
      .OnAction = “ToggleWordWrap”
      .Picture = Application.CommandBars.GetImageMso(“WrapText”, 16, 16)
      .Style = msoButtonIconAndCaption
   End With
End Sub

(I updated this using Live Writer — which at least lets you edit the HTML code.)



And it handles images, too.

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8 thoughts on “Posting From Word 2007

  1. Picture no-workee. The image upload options are very limited. I updated it by dragging a photo that’s already on the Web, and it just displays the URL.

    Indented text is not tagged as blockquote.

    Test concluded. It’s not even worth messing with. But at least Microsoft can say that Word now supports blog posting — even though it’s a half-assed attempt. My hand-crafted MS FrontPage blog posting system is about 100 times better.

  2. Playing around a little more. That table came out pretty well. The spacing doesn’t match what’s in the Word file, but it’s close enough.

    And, I found that I can apply a blockquote tag by using the Quote style.

    Maybe with a few VBA macros to handle the image uploading, this might be workable after all.

    I’ll probably keep messing around with this, so if the post doesn’t match what I refer to in the comments, that’s why.

  3. not exactly sure why they did add that kind of feature to word though… in works for home users ok, in frontpage for pro bloggers… why not, as a standalone like they did for live spaces.. would be the best. but in Word !! I mean in the office it is used as a productivity tool…

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