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This weekend I’m going to work, work, work, work, watch football on TV, work, labor, toil, watch flag football (not on TV), work, and work. I’m also going to the art supply store with my wife. She wants to learn how to paint clouds with acrylics. It looks easy in the book, but when I tried it I found that it’s really hard. So we’re going to make sure that we have the best tools for the job.

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, you can answer this question from Clive:

I use the GoalSeek function quite extensively, however it has a default value of 15 or 16 in the registry. Is it possible to change this I wonder? Ideally I want a value of 26. I know how to access the registry and navigate down to key handles etc, but cannot find any method of increasing this value!

I have no idea.

If you’re not looking for something to do this weekend, then just what are you doing?

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16 thoughts on “Weekend Forum

  1. I’m going to grab a dozen donuts at 1:00 am, drive to the nearest Wal-mart parking lot, and think about how my life didn’t pan out the way I wanted it to (as I jam 12 Lemon cremes down my fat neck).

  2. I’m going to grab a dozen donuts at 1:00 am, drive to the nearest Wal-mart parking lot, and think about how my life didn’t pan out the way I wanted it to (as I jam 12 Lemon cremes in my mouth).

  3. West Coast Eagles beat the Sydney Swans 12.13 (85) to 12.12 (84)
    in the AFL Grand Final (Aussie Rules Football)

    that wasted 3 hrs


  4. Today, I’m consuming large quantities of beer and gin. Tomorrow, I’m going to work, where I will regret what I did today.

  5. That goal seek question is a good example of why I stopped answering questions in the newsgroups. A significant number of people are simply incapable of asking a question that can get an answer without a lot of guesswork or assumption.

  6. This weekend I’m writing, helping a friend move, doing a road show with my improv comedy group (ComedySportz), writing, and watching the Formula 1 Grand Prix of China. And writing.

  7. Watched the West Coast Eagles beat Sydney Swans in the AFL grand final – was not wasted time for me. Picnic with family at Yallingup beach (SW of West Australia – near Margaret River for wine lovers) and that best day – a public holiday on Monday – so only work at home – mowing the lawn, wash car etc.

  8. Did some work on Saturday speccing up a new computer for playing games on, £750 should set me up very nicely (email me for address to send contributions). Sunday was grannys 90th birthday party in Redditch (near Worcester) in the midlands. Jam and scones, nice.

  9. Played Unreal Tournament, watched the kids, Played UT, and for a change of pace I played UT some more.

  10. Gruff, are you going with a Conroe based machine? Are you going to have SLI support? What games do you play?

  11. Bit late and everything what with the weekend a distant memory already but….
    A pointer for Goal Seeking. Only ever goal seek for Zero!.
    For some unknown reason this can be substantially faster.
    Even if you want to goal seek for example to a 25.6% IRR or some such calculation, it’s always best to setup a cell which is the result minus the amount you want to seek for.
    The effect of this is that the computer is able to detect when it has overshot the goal much more efficiently. It seems ridiculous to think but it does work.

    (of course we all know that IRRs can have multiple solutions so this is a bad example, but I think you get the idea.)

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