West Coast Excel User Conference

From the site:

The 2006 US West Coast Excel / Access User Conference will be held on October 25th and 26th, in the Marina del Rey Hotel – Marina del Rey, California USA. October 25th will be directed towards the intermediate users and October 26th will have topics for the advanced users. Add-on classes will be scheduled October 25-27th for an additional fee.

Oh, by the way. If this post smacks of shameless advertising, I’m one of the presenters so it is. Check out the presenters and the program – you won’t want to miss it.

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8 thoughts on “West Coast Excel User Conference

  1. DK,

    I’ve sworn off air travel, but the East Coast conference in Atlantic City (April 2007) is looking attractive. Hope you have a blast presenting and collaborating in October!


  2. Bad timing, for me. There’s no way I can get away during that time.

    Dick, maybe you can do some real-time blogging during the event to keep us informed. That’s what “real” bloggers do when they go to a conference.

  3. Would absolutely love to go, but stuck with working on live broadcasts every saturday this season. Please blog, I’m sure there’s a computer somewhere near the conference.

  4. DK:

    Congratulations on your appointment as presenter. I would attend, but you people are way over my pea-brain.

    Knock ’em dead.


  5. Well Dick,

    For the benefit of your other readers, I went to the London event that Damon organised earlier this summer.

    Despite the unusual searing heat, I found it well organised with excellent presentations from the likes of Andy Pope, Bob Phillips, Simon Murphy, Charles Williams etc etc. Even though many of my forum acquaintances questioned my sanity in spending money on a conference about a product I know quite well, I reasoned that the ideas I’d gain & contacts I’d make were well worth the money.

    I was not disappointed. Sinking a pint or ten over a good curry with people i’d only interacted with over the ‘net was totally worth the investment of money & time.

    Unfortunately none of them have spoken to me since :)

  6. I almost have my boss considering allowing me to attend. But corporations are notorious for “budget constraints”, so I’m not holding my breath. But I think I could gain a lot, based on the topics. ‘Course, not sure if “old” people can really learn this new stuff. LOL

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