Beta 2 Technical Refresh

Via Jensen’s blog, Beta 3 Beta2 Technical Refresh is due out today. If you’re in the beta, don’t download it around 5pm CDT (GMT -5?) today because you’ll slow me down.

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6 thoughts on “Beta 2 Technical Refresh

  1. “I’m not even downloading it until the weekend. I was underwhelmed by Beta 2, so I can let myself wait to see the TR.”

    So I lied. So I downloaded it. I’m not going to install it until the weekend.

  2. We’re going away for the weekend, so I told myself I’d wait until Sunday to download it. But I couldn’t resist. I got it about 8:30am (a half hour before it was officially available). It only took about 10 minutes to download. Then I spent all day trying to figure out what was different.

    There were rumors floating around that B2TR would not be able to read files created by the previous beta. Those rumors are false. I’ve opened about 50 XLSX and XLSM files without a problem. There may be problems with some Word and PowerPoint files, however (or so I’ve read).

    The bad news (for book authors) is that there are lots of minor tweaks everywhere. There are still lots of bugs, however. I think most of them are known bugs and won’t be fixed because of the deadline. Shipping on time has a much higher priority than product quality.

    Excel 2007 has some great new features, but I think it will be quite a while before it becomes a mainstream product. Personally, I’d love to be able to forget about all the old versions, and work solely in Excel 2007. That may be possible in 4-5 years.

  3. Hi,

    Weekend is near but problem is also there. So I couldn’t wait.
    Do help me with the following problem ?

    On Sheet “PDB” I have a database of vendors which has been named as “PayeeName” (dynamically through use of “offset function). On Sheet “BB”, I have used the above named range for validation purposes (in range F4:F1000).

    What I require is that when I feed the word “A” everything (from named range “Payeename”) starting with word “A” only should automatically get listed in the validation dropdown box (in the same pattern on which the words are placed in a dictionary). In other words the validation list should appear for only those entries which start with a particular character. As the words are continually fed, the automatically validated list should get shortened automatically to meet the autocomplete requirements.Data validation has been used in range F4:F1000 on sheet “BB”.


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