7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Excel

  1. =SQRT(441) =TODAY()
    =(4*5)+1 =TODAY()

    Sorry – neither clever nor patient enough to do more!

  2. Go figure… the following is the list that shows up on my google homepage about “today in history”:

    1638: King Louis XIV of France born
    1774: The first Continental Congress was convened in Philadelphia
    1942: Raquel Welch born
    1946: Freddie Mercury (Frederick Bulsara) born in Zanzibar
    1961: Kennedy orders resumption of underground nuclear tests

    You’d think that Excel’s birthday would deserve a mention, wouldn’t you? LOL!

  3. Here’s a challenge. Tonight, take your family to dinner to celebrate. While there, call the waitress over and whisper in her ear that it’s Excel’s birthay (while you loosely point in the direction of my kids).
    If all goes well, you’ll get a free dessert. Bonus points if you get the staff to sing “Happy birthday Exceeeel. Happy birthday to you.”

  4. Wow. Excel is 2 years younger than I am yet it is more popular, worth more money, has more homes, is touched by more women, and is far better at math. Somebody even showed me some fancy tricks you can do with it the other day. I wish I were Excel! LOL

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