Icon Matchgame

Jensen Harris announced the new Office application icons (hat tip: J-Walk).

Here’s a list of products from the sidebar at Office Online

Live Meeting
Microsoft Office Live
Small Business Accounting

Without even trying, I identified Excel (C2), Word (A1), Access (B2), and Outlook (C1). I’m pretty confident about OneNote (A4) and Powerpoint (A2), but not 100%. Note that there are three more products than there are icons.

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14 thoughts on “Icon Matchgame

  1. Project — C4

    Amazin’ that us XL types broke the locating code so fast ;-)


  2. I was thinking that Visio is A2, not Powerpoint. I think Powerpoint is C3. Publisher is probably B3.

    On a side note, I love the blog and usually just read the articles, but I had to respond to the pretty pictures.

  3. I would say:

    SB Accounting/Publisher/PowerPoint

    PS: I like the design, but doesn’t it look a bit retro??

  4. pdekraaij, you are a logo decoder ring genius! PS what is Groove? They continue the cartoonification of icons and overall MS look-and-feel that’s been going on for a while. As to the retro remark, they perhaps are a bit art deco inspired.


  5. Good God Dick! Power Point A2! Go out side a beat yourself with a Birch thingy!

    P.S, what does it mean that we’re discussing the Icons of the new office! Not going to win any cool awards me thinks!

  6. “Good God Dick! Power Point A2! Go out side a beat yourself with a Birch thingy!”

    That must have been pre-Pib Zero this morning, I don’t know what I was thinking. After reading pdekraaij’s comment, most of them actually make sense – although I still don’t think I could have got them on my own. I don’t even know what InfoPath and Groove are, so their logo’s could have been a pig snout and it would have the same meaning to me.

  7. My first impression is Uuuuk…Uuuk…and Uuuk ….Again they tried to fix something that wasnt broken….

    Kind of OT :
    My favourite splash screens was the one that came with Word 6 (Feather Pen…Ink…) and Excel 5 (Calculations ….)…wonder if any one remembers

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