Office 2007 Test Drive

Want to give O07 (Double O Seven?) a test drive without downloading the beta? Too bad.

picture of website showing wait time

If you’re not doing anything in the middle of the night, you might try it then. If you live in Moscow, make that middle of the day.

Office Testdrive Don’t even think about using Firefox.

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6 thoughts on “Office 2007 Test Drive

  1. I downloaded office 2007 being a bona fide 2003 user and what a mess I got into, all the important files from meetings I had to send couldn’t be read by others because they couldn’t opened. Some of the stuff I deal with is high priority and talk about embarrasssing.They think i’m an idiot at the best of times, but the beta version made me look a right prick.

  2. Hi,it’s a bit embarassing but could you give me please your e-mail? It’s about your surname… well nothing spicial really, just interesting.

  3. I’ll have to read that book – is it good? Searching for that last name without the first name turns up nothing. I wonder how he came up with it.

  4. The first 90% is very good. It’s an expose of the Chicago meat packing industry in the 1890’s. But it all falls apart at the end when it turns into a propaganda piece for Socialism. A strange way to end a novel.

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