The F Word Count

As you’ve no doubt heard, Bill Gates gave his two weeks notice yesterday. Now he can spend his time filling out COBRA paperwork and standing in line at the unemployment office. I’d like to advise him to start cutting back on expenses, but I don’t think you can get a haircut for less than $7, so he doesn’t have a lot of options.

Anyway, Joel Spolsky shares one of his BillG memories today in My First BillG Review. It’s a good read, especially if you’ve ever wondered what happened to leap year in 1900.

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5 thoughts on “The F Word Count

  1. Joel’s articles are quite enlightening.
    This article goes a long way in explaining Microsoft’s actions in the last few years.

    In this tidbit, Joel explains the Microsoft’s need to start making some of there tools more accessible and free for commercial use.

    “If you’re trying to sell operating systems, the most important thing to do is make software developers want to develop software for your operating system. That’s why Steve Ballmer was jumping around the stage shouting “Developers, developers, developers, developers.”….they really want to give away the development tools. Through their Empower ISV program you can get five complete sets of MSDN Universal (otherwise known as “basically every Microsoft product except Flight Simulator”) for about $375. Command line compilers for the .NET languages are included with the free .NET runtime… also free. The C++ compiler is now free. Anything to encourage developers to build for the .NET platform, and holding just short of wiping out companies like Borland.”

    Visual Studio Express, Visual Web Developer Express, and SQL Server Express anyone?

  2. Hey guys,

    One thing to be said… as many millions as Bill has made, at least he’s turning some back to do some good in the world. Of course he can afford to do it, but there are some who would just hoard everything a la Scrooge McDuck. :)

    I found Joel’s articles very good as well. Thanks Dick and Mike for both of those.

  3. Actually, it explained to me the irregularities between Excel’s Epoch dating system and the AS/400’s, which has caused me trouble in the past.

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