Name Manager 4: Last call before release

Hi all,

In this post I announced some updates to version 4 of the Name Manager.

Since I haven’t had any bug reports for about four weeks, I have decided it is about time to release this version.

Before I do so, I give you guys (and girls of course!) a last chance to report any issues to me.

So have a go at it, break it! If I get no new issues back, I’ll post the release in about one week.


Jan Karel Pieterse

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16 thoughts on “Name Manager 4: Last call before release

  1. I have beat it pretty good the last 3 weeks using both 2000 and 2003 and have not have any problems

  2. Don’t know if this is a bug or an issue with Excel, but when I used the feature for changing a name, the part where it goes through the workbook to replace the old name with the new one hit the same set of cells 3 times before your process was finished.

  3. Hi Jan Karel,

    First of all:
    It is a wonderful tool that makes Excel life so much easier! Thanks a million for that!

    Secondly you are aware of some minor disadvantages: -UNDER XL97 ONLY- :-)
    It makes the digital symbol change on the numerical key-pad, turns off the (Num, Caps, Scroll) locks and that you have to write in CAPITALS although Caps lock is turned off…after you have run NM.

  4. Found a couple of things :

    When using the feature to see where a name is used, if you select a different name and search, the caption of the form still reflects the original one chosen.

    I also had some problems with determining where local names are used. I have a name such as AUD!Basis used in various cells (as seen from Trace Dependents), but I get a “Name not in Use” message.

    Also, global names do not pick up all instances. I have name “Today” on a central sheet linked to many others, but not all appear.

  5. Sige: I am sorry to say that I am not planning to change that for Excel 97 anymore. Maybe if I have some time to spare, but up ’till now, I’ve been way to busy.

    Boomer: Thanks, good points that need attention. These local names are a royal pain in the ^&^%&^%@!. As it is, it only checks for the complete name, including sheet prefix. Adapting for all situations (e.g. cells on the sheet a name is localised to do not show the sheetname as a part of the name) will be quite complex. I may decide to move this problem to the next release though.

  6. Agree with you re Local names. I’m sure it’s not a problem to wait for the next version.

    Also spotted that if you uninstall the add-in the toolbar remains. Clicking it reinstalls the add in. Is that intentional?

  7. Hi All,

    Modifying (and locating) local names on the worksheet they are localised to should be fixed in the current download (build 557)

  8. I loaded 4.0 without uninstalling a previous version and ended up with two versions in my Tools menu┬ľone with a submenu and one without. Both opened the older version. I unchecked the single entry shown for Name Manager in the AddIns dialog and still had the Name Manager with the submenu in my Tools menu, which referred to Build 478. I wanted to uninstall all versions so I could start fresh, but the single “Name Manager Utility” entry in Tools – AddIns was already unchecked. When I check it, it still refers to Build 478, but both versions now open to Build 560.

    That’s not my real problem, though. I just copied a sheet from one workbook to another and brought over 285 names that are now local with external references. I want to convert them to global names in the target workbook. Since I don’t have a really clear idea of what exactly happens in this situation, I paused to do some research, download version 4.0, and here I am pondering what will happen. I will try it and see, but you probably know. Is there any detailed documentation on what the Name Manager is doing when it converts names?

    This utility, by the way, has been indispensible for me. I have 3329 names to keep track of in one workbook and about 2500 names in another. I would be lost without your Name Manager!

  9. OK, I filtered “Local to active sheet” and clicked Globalise. A few seconds into the process it threw up this error:

    Name “Staple Report’!AvgAtt1′ is already defined as a Global name: Globalise cancelled

    The apostrophes here are exactly as they appear on the error, so there’s something else to fix.

  10. By the way, that was the first name on the list that invoked the error. The name has an external reference.

  11. Hi Bruce,

    About the install error: This is a problem with mu setup file, which assumes the addin to remove has the same name as the one being installed. Since the beta addin has a different name than the current version, you end up with two indeed. Sorry about that.

    About the local names: could you send me a sample file?

  12. One of the posts (in May 2006) indicated that when the add-in is uninstalled, the toolbar remains…this may be fixed now, but if not, I had the same issue with an add-in I created. I finally found that the problem was that the workbook_addinuninstall sub was a private sub I had put in the module. After moving it to the ThisWorkbook object, the issue was fixed. Unchecking the addin to uninstall it also deleted the toolbar. Hope this helps, if it’s still an issue.

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