VBA Userform tip

I don’t know many people know this, but I find it extremely useful when I’m designing a form.

If you select a control, you can then press the TAB key to cycle to the next control (and on) to see what the flow of the form is, just like if you were using the form live. It’s very easy to spot errors in the TabIndex properties this way.

But sometimes I wish we also (and note the *also*, I don’t want that to be the *only* way) had a feature like Adobe has for its forms, where you just click the tab order of the controls.

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6 thoughts on “VBA Userform tip

  1. Hi Nick,

    Nope… altough I use that as well. When you have many controls it can be hard to see if one of them is out of order, that’s when tabbing directly in the form comes handy.

  2. Challenge then: An addin with a drag-and-drop list to set the taborder of controls. Wonder why MZtools has this in its VB addin but not in its VBA addin.

    Guess I’ll find out if I take my own challenge :-)

    Best wishes Harald

  3. I spend more time than I should in VB.Net Basic, but VB.Net does it; why not the “poor step child”, VBA!

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