Increasing Undo

This is a tip from Michael. It’s a four minute video that shows how to increase or decrease the undo history in Excel (from the default 16 undo items) by editing the registry.

Increase Undo Actions Flash Video

Thanks for the tip Michael.

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11 thoughts on “Increasing Undo

  1. Ivan:

    No code displays on the link you gave and even when selecting the option below from the page no code displays…

    If you cannot see the code Window below with code in it then click here.

    Could you show the code here?


  2. hehehe… Nice try Tushar.

    I am not sure what the issue is/was. I can ‘see’ it just fine at the office (IE6), but still not at home (IE6). So, I just wrote my own.


  3. I have 2 monitors, so I did the regedit while the video was playing. It works perfectly. I typed 63 x’s in a column (one at a time), and all but three would undo. I tried highlighting a range greater than 60 (actually 229) rows, then typed “x”, then Ctrl+Enter, but that counts as only one action, so it undid all 229 entries at once.

    I’m expert certified, but that’s only a piece of paper (or, pizza paper, if said “correctly”), and I am so happy to find a site where I can continue to add tools to my toolbox, as it were. When I learn something new that is quick and easy, I share it with my teammates at work. When they learn a new speed-up, they are pickled tink (er, tickled pink), because it saves them time and effort.

    Thanks for what I’ve learned, and for what I will continue to learn!

  4. Where are the “undo’s” stored – is this in memory or is it cached to disc?

    If MS do not recommend increasing this to greater than 100 (according to Ivan’s code comments) what is the optimal number and what impact does this have on performance (if any)?

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