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This is only marginally Excel related, but it entertained me for several minutes. Batch Geocode allows you to upload addresses and it maps them and provides meta data that you can copy into the application of your choice.

I downloaded their Excel template and entered all the addresses for the Western Nebraska golf courses I played a couple of years ago. It produced a map of my very own and a web page to put it on. As long as someone visits that site once a month, it will remain live. I predict that it will get no less than five hits in the next day or so and that will be it.

map of wester ne golf courses

I have no idea what I would use this for, beyond my own amusement, but I always appreciate apps like this. It does what it says it’s going to do and there was absolutely no hassle getting it to work. Copy, paste, click a few buttons and it’s done.

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2 thoughts on “Batch GeoCode

  1. Thanks Dick! I hope someone finds the tool useful. I guess most people who visit your blog are interested in Excel from a crunching numbers perspective, but I know there are lots of people out there who just use it to organize tabular data. And a lot of the time that data contains an address. So hopefully those people can use the tool to see a map of their data.

    You can also export to Google Earth, it will create a KML file in just a few seconds that you can save to your system or upload to a web site. Or you can just play around with it in Google Earth.

    I’d appreciate any feedback anyone has on the tool!


  2. LOL. When you wrote “western Nebraska”, and then showed nothing past North Platte, I thought – hmmmm, must be Omaha/Lincoln-itis! I served two churches 120 miles WEST of North Platte, and yes, they have golf courses there too.

    Thanks, Dick, for the link, and seeing “central Nebraska again”.

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