Hoop Dreams

Bill Jelen, aka Mr. Excel, is sponsoring a pool for the NCAA Basketball Championship Tournament. You may know it as the Final Four. I’ll be getting in, but I haven’t had time yet. I need Memphis to do well in my other pools, so I think I’ll hedge my bets and have them get beat early in this one. Or maybe I should just put all my eggs in one basket.

Mr. Excel’s Bracket

Did I mention it’s free? Just get your entry in by tomorrow night before the deadline.

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4 thoughts on “Hoop Dreams

  1. Dick –

    I’ts a good thing Mr. Excel does spreadsheets.

    He can’t spell Connecticut right ;-)


  2. Doh! Speling was never my strong soot.

    I must not have a lot of respect for UConn all around. I try to do my bracket early – I had Kentucky beating UConn in Round 1. Watch that move end up costing me 21 points when UConn wins it all.


  3. Bill –

    This is, as they say in the military, a no sh__ter.

    I moved to Connecticut my sophomore year in high school. I immediately heard people talking about going to Yukon for college. Not understanding the attraction of an Alaskan school, but too polite to ask about it, I never sorted it out… Until my senior year, when I read aloud a headline in the sports pages about my state university.

    No joke. ;-)


  4. Bill,

    If I corrected spelling on Yukon (UConn) the worksheet I sent to you, will it nullify my results?

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