Generic undo routine for vba (part 2)

Hi everyone,

Some time ago I published a generic Undo handler for use in Excel VBA on this blog.

In that article I promised to write up how the internals of the technique work.

I’ve published a new article on my website that explains how things work.

Also, I’ve added some functionality to each of the pages of the article so you can add your comments on the page itself. Comments written by you will be shown on the same page immediately, giving the pages a blog-like feel to it.

Enjoy (and write comments)!


Jan Karel Pieterse
JKP Application Development Services

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One thought on “Generic undo routine for vba (part 2)

  1. Hi Jan,

    Had a quick look at the code, I think if this can be pulled off it would be extreamly cool. It just seems like such a hard thing to do. Maga busy at the mo, but will check this out when time permits – thanks for shareing this, it could be really useful.

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