iG_Syntax_Hiliter for VBA

I recently upgraded iG:Syntax Hiliter which now includes a plain text option. That’s cool, but it seems to render the code better so that it pastes into the VBE without issue.

I had to edit the geshi vb.php file to include some keywords that are exclusive to VBA and/or Excel and I wanted to make that file available in case anybody else uses geshi to format their code.

Dowload vb.php in a zip file

Note that this replaces the current vb.php. I didn’t delete any keywords, so it should still work for straight vb6.0 code. I also changed the colors to match the VBE, e.g. comments in green.

I don’t know if I can modify this code and make it available, but someone will tell me if I shouldn’t have.

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8 thoughts on “iG_Syntax_Hiliter for VBA

  1. you can very well make this code available since the whole package(the plugin as well as GeSHi) is licensed under the GNU GPL. so as long as you honour the license, you are free to do whatever you want. however, it would’ve been better if you created a new language file for VBA. :)

  2. You don’t need any PHP skills, just copy over the VB language file, strip out the keywords & add only VBA keywords. send it over to me & I’ll clean it up!! :)

  3. I ran into a little error trying to use this file. It turned that out your ‘old’ version of the file is not compatible with my newer geshi version ( It took only a minor modification to make it work though. You saved me a lot of work having to modify it myself, thnx! :-) It’s doing it’s thing at my site now.

    Btw, the upcoming version 1.2 of Geshi has ‘theming support’, you might like to check it out:



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