Superbowl Excel

I predict the Seattle Seahawks to win the SuperBowl by 14 points later today. Seattle will score two unanswered, first quarter touchdowns: One workman-like touchdown in which they will run Alexander and defeat Pittsburgh’s pass rush with short, high-percentage passes over the middle and in the flats; and one easy touchdown such as an interception or punt return. Pittsburgh will adjust their defense and the two teams will trade touchdowns and field goals the rest of the game, with the Steelers never getting closer than ten points behind.

Shawn Alexander will be named MVP with 162 rushing yards, 45 receiving yards, and one touchdown.

Seattle 30, Pittsburgh 16

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6 thoughts on “Superbowl Excel

  1. Hmmm, I rather enjoyed the fact that this prediction was off! (-;
    Nice try and decent analysis – just didn’t count on the Steeler defense being so tough, and Randle El’s passing ability…

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