Cookbooks R Us

Thanks to Ron de Bruin for tipping me off to the fact that Debra Dalgleish wrote a book. Debra is one of my favorite Excel geeks (probably because she’s really an Access geek with awesome Excel skills, something I aspire to be). I’m also impressed by anyone who can write a book. I can’t seem to make that time commitment.

Enough gushing already. The book is Excel PivotTables Recipes, A Problem-Solution Approach ISBN 1590596293. I haven’t read it yet since I just heard about it five minutes ago, but it’s in my Amazon shopping cart already. I look forward to reading it. I’ve also added it to the book list.

Excel Pivottables Recipes

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8 thoughts on “Cookbooks R Us

  1. The links take you to a book called “Code Complete” which while “Code Complete” is by far my favorite computer book ever written it is not the book you are referring to.

    I highly recommend “Code Complete” as well. I view it as my bible of good coding practices.

  2. Thanks Dick! (and Ron, and Jim for posting the correct link)

    And you’re right about the time commitment that’s required. Don’t try this if you have a life.

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