New Job Redux

Okay, here’s the deal. I gave my notice last Wednesday. I gave thirty days, which I think is appropriate given my position. I wasn’t sure if they were going to keep me around that long, or even until the end of the week, so I spent last week clearing my computer and office of personal stuff (like login information). That means whenever I’m using Excel at work and think something’s blogworthy, I can’t blog it. You may be thinking that I should be spending my time at work doing actual work instead of blogging about Excel. You may be right.

Also, I’m off to the in-laws this weekend and I’m not sure what kind of connectivity I’ll have. That concludes my excuses for why this blog has been a ghost town for the last week and why it may be until after this weekend.

In other news, I’ve burned a couple of CDs to pass the time on my 12 hour drive: Venture Voice interviews Joel Spolsky and Josh Fruhlinger aka The Comics Curmudgeon.

Last week, I bought a new Dell Lattitude D810. The Office 12 beta 1 started recently and I need a new computer so I can use my old one to run the beta. Not to mention that I need a new computer anyway. It doesn’t ship until November 29, which stinks because I want to download the beta NOW! Oh, well.

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7 thoughts on “New Job Redux

  1. Hi Dick,

    Is your old box too slow for a VPC setup?

    I do the beta on VPC, slowish, but seems to work OK (does need 512 Mb of virtual RAM for the VPC, so a 1GB machine is more or less minimum).

  2. Dick,

    I know that you are a little busy, but could you at least have some of your CO-MVP posted some new materials. For the last few days, this site has become as stale as a fish.

    There are lots of people who are trying to learn from your site. It is just not the same when visiting your blog site, there is no new materials to learn.

  3. I’ll second Johnathan’s sentiment. I’m getting so needy for new DDOW content that I actually went to J-Walk’s site for a while! :-)

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