Multi-Threaded Calc In Excel 12

David Gainer discusses Multi-threaded calculation in Excel 12.

One of the things I mentioned in my overview of Excel 12 post in September was that we had done some work to speed up calculation on modern hardware (multi-processor or dual-core chips). I thought I would take a brief break from tables to summarize that work and to see if any readers are interested in beta testing this feature.

He’s also looking for beta testers:

The Excel team has reserved a number of positions in our upcoming technical beta for individuals that have the interest, time, hardware, and spreadsheets to help test the work we have done in this area (and all the other work we have done, although we are looking for a few people that are particularly interested in calculation performance).

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One thought on “Multi-Threaded Calc In Excel 12

  1. I use Excel for large (20-30 mb) worksheets that are calculation intensive for stock market optimization that iterate under VBA.

    Right now, it takes over a minute per iteration to recalculate.

    I’d be curious to see what improvement is seen.


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