Search DDOE in Firefox

If you use Firefox, there’s a search box to the right of the address bar which you can use to quickly search your favorite sites. And now, in addition to your favorite sites, you can search this one.

firefox search box dropped down

Go to the Mycroft Download Page for the Computer category and scroll down to the D’s.

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6 thoughts on “Search DDOE in Firefox

  1. Now that would have made a good post. I followed the instructions at

    but they’re not super easy to follow. I opened up the src file for creative commons found in

    c:program filesmozilla firefoxsearchplugins

    and tried to trace what they did back to the source html of their search page while following the instructions. Then I had to read lots of comments on various mycroft pages to figure out that every ampersand in the url required an input tag. The ampersand section that contains the search query requires a name and the word ‘user’. The other ampersand sections require a name and a value argument. My src file has tons of input tags because atomz requires so many ampersands.

    I was going to do one for your site because I search it on occasion, but I thought if I posted this you would do yours and I could just copy it. And it seems you fell for the bait quite nicely. If you need some help, let me know. I couldn’t figure out how to do a site specific google search up there because they have a plus sign in one of their ampersand sections.

  2. I was going to do one for your site because I search it on occasion

    ummm…well since we’re all into automation around here (or for those without Firefox), what’s wrong with simply passing to the webbrowser something like the following string:

    “” + term + “”

    where term is the search string?

    (Bonus points for guessing the language of that snippet :-0)


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