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If Dick were any kind of a Blogmeister, he would have made a post to welcome me as the newest DDoE contributor. But it seems that he’s too busy resort-hopping and schmoozing with accountants.

So I’ll pick up the slack and welcome myself to the Daily Dose of Excel. It’s a pleasure having me here, and I look forward to reading my contributions. I thank myself for signing up as contributor.

Some of you may recall that I started my own Excel blog (Excel Watch) a few months ago. The original intent was to monitor and discuss the new features in the upcoming Excel 12. Little did I know that the Microsoft Office folks were poised to jump on the blog bandwagon. David Gainer’s excellent Excel Blog made my Excel Watch fairly useless. So now it’s officially abandoned, and it’s sitting out in cyberspace collecting cyberdust.

Speaking of collecting dust, my Spreadsheet Page continues to stagnate. Most of the material at that site is still good, but it needs a complete redesign and general clean-up. But that’s a huge task and I lack the motivation to even begin. Hopefully, I’ll be adding lots of new material once Excel 12 hits the streets. In the meantime, running the J-Walk Blog is an excellent diversion that keeps me from doing any real work.

I have no idea what types of material I’ll be posting here. Maybe becoming a DDoE contributor will motivate me to actually come up with something new for Excel (if such a thing is even possible).

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8 thoughts on “Welcome Me

  1. John,

    I enjoy Dick’s reports from his never ending resort-shopping trips. In fact it inspire me so much that I regular do it myself ;)

    As being one of the “who is that guy?” here at DDE I’m not entitled to say anything except:

    Welcome :)

    Kind regards,

  2. “If Dick were any kind of a Blogmeister”

    No surprise there, I think. I considered back dating a post to make yours look petty, but it was more work than just doing the right thing originally. So I’ll just welcome you here. Welcome!

  3. Welcome!

    Have very much enjoyed your site, blog & many, many authorings over the years; looking forward to your ‘para-blogs’ here as well.


  4. Dick, you’re gonna regret this. Inviting JWalk was a huge mistake. Just wait ’til he starts with the thinly-veiled religious and political posts. Oh, sure, he’ll try to legitimatize them by working spreadsheets in peripherally, but they’ll really just be part of his ongoing psychology experiment: “how irate can I make the commenters on this blog?”.

    Expect big religious debates, like whether his PUP XDATE function should support dates before 4,000 BC. There’ll be political fights, too, like whether the RIGHT() function is superior to the LEFT() function.

    Good luck, man.

  5. You sound very needy…

    I hope this does re-spark you interest in excel and you come up with some new and interesting things ‘Mr Excel’

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