World Exclusive Excel 12 Announcement

Steven Sinofsky is a muckity-muck on the Office team at Microsoft. He said the next 15 minutes are not covered under our non-disclosure agreement. Therefore, I will be disclosing. Sinofsky announced that some of the Office apps, including Excel, will have a “Save As PDF” feature in the next version. Everyone in the room is quite excited with some notable exceptions. A fellow Excel MVP was heard to say “Big %&#$*-ing deal.” Of course he’s referring to the fact that there are numerous PDF printer drivers that provide the same feature for free. I use PDF995 and PrimoPDF is another good one.

Jake mentioned that it may improve the programmability of the feature, which is a good point. Staying out of the PageSetup object is always a good thing.

I’m first, so take that Woody and Mary Jo.

P.S. Ken quit pointing that thing at my groin.

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8 thoughts on “World Exclusive Excel 12 Announcement

  1. Great news!

    Did they mention anything about importing PDF files in Excel? This is a question I’ve got many time.

    Kind regards,

  2. #3 I think part of the point of a PDF is security in that the author does not always want you to edit their document. If that was a feature there would probably be a feature in the PDF itself to disable to ability to import it.

  3. Well, since David’s post is dated:

    posted Wednesday, October 05, 2005 10:54 PM by David Gainer

    and this one October 01, 2005

    I guess Dick has won the scoop.

  4. Yes, Dick got the scoop. In fact, I was present when he typed this message. It was online within 10 minutes of the announcement.

    BTW, the “fellow Excel MVP” quoted by Dick is not me.

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