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Bill asks

Dick, Iím curious as to how many users you have for this blog and about how many hits do you get a day?

There’s a purple sphere on the sidebar that reports some stats. I tend to think those stats are inflated. The stat tracker from my host, ReviseMedia, is shown below. The only reason I keep the Extreme Tracking around is because any reader can check out the stats themselves, which is a nice feature.

blog stats by month

As for users, there are 153 registered users, which includes authors (18, four of which have never posted). Three of those have registered in the last week, however it’s generally far fewer than that in any give week.

I don’t know how to determine how many regular readers there are. Of the 153, surely some don’t read anymore and there must be some other regular readers who haven’t registered. According to Bloglines, I have 14 subscribers between my RSS and my Atom feeds (2 of those are me). That’s the lowest subscriber level of any blog I’ve ever seen. I don’t know why people don’t read this blog via Bloglines, but they don’t.

Here’s some year-to-date stats to contemplate:

pages that get the most hits over the last year

If I add up all the urls that have “feed” in them, but not those related to the comment feed, and add that to index.php and the lone slash url, I get 744,578 page views over the last 265 days, or 2,800 page views per day (presumably from regular readers). My unique visitor to page view ratio for the year is about 400k/1.4m or 28%. If 2,800 page views is from regular readers, then 28% of that would be unique regular readers = 750. That actually sounds reasonable, but there’s a lot of assumptions in there and maybe some shaky logic. My hyposthesis is that people who get here through google don’t read the rss or the main page, just the page they found in the search.

More than you ever wanted to know about the Daily Dose!

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  1. Dick, the Bloglines subscriber number includes only those who have a public profile. I subscribe to DDoE in Bloglines and I don’t have a public profile. Therefore, your Bloglines subscriber base is at least 15.

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