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I recently registered as an alternate way of getting to this site. still works and shall always work. (By the way, what are the capitalization rules when you start a sentence with a url, or part thereof?)

I originally named this site dicks-blog for a variety of reasons. Is two a variety? First, I own the domain (invented by my buddy, John Walkenbach) which is a site I never update or even look at, and fit that same mold. Second, I didn’t really know if an Excel blog would work. There was a distinct possibility that I would be converting this blog to something else because nobody wants to read about Excel, and I could easily do that with my generic domain name. The third, secret reason was to trick women who are interested in online pornography into visiting my site.

The success of the blog now in hand, I decided to get a more intuitive domain. For $9 a year, what the heck?

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12 thoughts on “New Domain

  1. Fantastic website – but I think most of your regular readers will always use dicks-blog to reach you.

    I should point out that Google will place dicks-blog much higher in it’s ranking process for a long time – longevity is a major factor – which I discovered to my dismay early this year – when I migrated to something more meaningful.

    ALl the best for the future!


  2. I see a point in changing/adding this new url.

    But to me, the name dicks-blog has a personal touch to it I kind of like, it shapes an athmosphere I don’t “feel” with the new one.

    Time will tell what Google thinks of them :-)

  3. You do not capitialize the first W in that URL. One of the primary reasons is that some web servers are case sensitive. http://Www. and http://www. are two different things.

    However, I’m sure English teachers would probably recommend that you don’t start a sentence with a URL.

    Maybe type “The URL still works and shall always work.” instead.

  4. Congrats on the new domain!

    I’d forgotten about, so I decided to go back there after reading this post. I was delighted to re-discover this post:

    (That’s 100 Things To Do In 1001 Days).

    So, how about an update report? I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to hear about that robot you were going to build, or that weekend vacation in Kansas City.

    By the way, congratulations on learning to count to ten in 5 languages (excluding English).

  5. Yeah, I think I’ll print that 101 Things list. That would be a good topic of conversation at the MVP Summit next week. Maybe we can all discuss it over a bottle of Dom Perignon after fasting for 72 hours.

  6. Oh, I was so tempted to take that part of the site down before I posted this. But my laziness got in the way of even removing the link (which should give you an idea of how the 1001 things is going). I guess I’ll have to post an update to it.

  7. John:

    Do take it with you. We’ll have a side conference on it and after four days of beer and junkfood, we stagger out with a useless press statement stating we haven’t agreed on anything yet, but have scheduled another conference about this subject in a year and a half from now.

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