10 thoughts on “Excel 12 Is Coming

  1. Bill, what about reading it using the Atom feed? If you use Bloglines, there’s no direct access to the originating site. At least that’s how I think it works.

  2. I use Bloglines. It works pretty well, but it does have occasional problems. Like failing to recognize my updated feed. For me, it’s still showing yesterday’s posts as the most recent.

  3. I use Bloglines too, and have very few problems. Sometimes it will show repeat posts – I don’t know if it’s Bloglines or my RSS feed, but it’s on this site more than any other. If you click on a category title, you see every post from every blog for that category and marks them as read. It would be nice if there’s a way to undo mistakes like that.

  4. j-walk, your commitment to reducing corporate productivity knows no bounds. first your regular blog, now the Excel 12 blog for advanced Excel geeks, and bravo for pointing Bill to bloglines to subvert the evildoers and their feeble attempts to block blogs from The People. Down with da Man! Wait, I think I am the Man at my office. Block all blogs! Wait I’m reading one now! Wait, now I’m commenting on a blog! I’m so confused.

  5. Dennis,

    I use Bloglines too.

    Like the others, I find it pretty reliable – but for me too it shows John’s posts a little behind time.


  6. Dick,

    I linked to your site on my blog…hope you don’t mind. Great stuff here…want to share it with my audience (if one exists).

    If you’d like me to remove the link, let me know.

    (a.k.a. Eric Hunzeker)

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