Bowling for Dollars

Dick in a bowling shirt

Tonight, instead of doing real work, I went bowling with some of my co-workers. I haven’t been bowling in a few years and I’ve never been particularly adept at the endeavor. My scores were, in order:

147, 131, 102, 83, 142

If you were to graph the first four scores against my blood/alcohol level, you would see a high correlation, or negative correlation, whatever that quants call it. I can’t explain the last score except to say that I was embarrassed that I didn’t even get one mark in the fourth game.

But this post really isn’t about bowling. (It doesn’t appear to be about Excel either, which is strange since this is “supposedly” an Excel blog.) It’s about bowling shirts. At the last MVP summit, I received, free of charge, a shirt logoed with Microsoft and the MVP program. It was a nice gesture, to be sure, but I knew when I got it that it would be nothing more than a closet stuffer. No way was I wearing this shirt. I may be a geek, but even I have my limits.

Then the golden opportunity arose in which to wear the shirt. Someone asks me to go bowling and I happen to have what looks like a bowling shirt. Perfect. Now that my bowling experience is done, the shirt will be given to a hobo or some other needy person. Before that happens, I had to get this picture. I don’t actually smoke, but it just seemed appropriate for the photo. Surprisingly, my “non-smoking” wife happened to have a cigarette handy. Hmmm, that’s strange.

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6 thoughts on “Bowling for Dollars

  1. Hi dicku

    You sure are one of the rare species on this planet that combine a profound knowledge with an incredible sense of humoru

    You really are quite some characteruI can only hope you stay that wayu

    Have a great weekend and all the best,

  2. Dick,
    I couldn’t agree with Wolfgang any more. I love reading this blog, both for the Excel (and more!) knowledge, and for a good laugh.

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