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The license plate holder on the back of the Maxima is getting pretty faded. It’s a Colorado Avalanche license plate holder, and because I’m so embittered about the strike, I won’t be replacing it with a similar one. (They forced me to watch baseball this Spring. I don’t know if I can forgive them for that.)

The only obvious choice for a replacement is a custom Daily Dose of Excel license plate holder. I went over to cafepress.com to see what they had, and it looks pretty good. Now I just need some art to upload and I’ll be set. That’s where you come in. You see, my skills with graphic design and the computer programs associated with it have been compared to a monkey having “relations” to a football. You want proof? Here’s what 36 straight hours of graphic design gets me:

poor attempt at a logo

The interlaced D was a pixel-by-pixel affair that I hope I never have to repeat.

If you are so inclined, you can create a logo for me. I generally like the concept of the above logo, but I’m not married to it. Feel free to use parts of it, or not. If you email a new logo to me by June 24th and I use it on this site, you get a prize. You will receive, shipped free to your North American address, the first season of Carnivale on DVD and your choice of DDE logo wear from cafepress. If you’re not in North America, you can still win, but I reserve the right not to pay the shipping. I doubt, however, that the DVDs will work for you anyway.

If you send me the second best logo, you still win a prize. You get your choice of DDE logo wear. Of course, the logo will not be the one you designed and will be a constant reminder of your failure.

If you’re moderately good at this kind of thing, and you like the HBO show Carnivale, then this is the contest for you.

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6 thoughts on “Daily Dose Logo Contest

  1. Hmmm…

    Forgive me Dick, I am not a sports fan. But, the Nuggets I have heard of; the Rockies I have heard of; the Broncos, heard of them too. But what is an Avalanche?


  2. National Hockey League. The used to be the Quebec Nordiques and moved to Denver 10 or so years ago. They are a perinnial Western Conference powerhouse. Other than my wife, they’re the only good thing to come out of Colorado (it’s a Nebraska v. Colorado thing).

  3. Not necessarily. The logo I have could just be cleaned up and formatted in such a way as to fit on a license plate. I like the jpg you sent, now I just need something similar to put on a shirt. I’m not sure what kind of design to put on the thong.

  4. Am I Eligible to win twice? lol

    Don’t feel bad about having to watch baseball Dick. I live in Pittsburgh and the Pirates haven’t had a winning season in about 12 years and even when we had hockey the Penguins were in dead last in the entire league.

    At least we have the Steelers lol.

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