G’Day Excel Thoughts

When he’s not throwing more shrimp on the barbie (or deflecting stupid comments like that), Andrew is writing his Excel blog.

Excel Thoughts

He’s only got two posts up so far, but if you start reading now you can say “Oh, I’ve been reading Andrew Roberts from the beginning” when he’s famous.

Update: Andrew, I can’t find an RSS feed on your blog. If it’s there, tell me how to get to it and if it’s not, get one immediately. Okay, not immediately, but let me know when you have one so I can the feed to my daily Bloglines reads.

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4 thoughts on “G’Day Excel Thoughts

  1. I wish I had been reading Daily Dose long enough to claim that I have been here since the beginning.

    Anyone have any ideas on what the longest running Excel Blog might be?

  2. Hi Dick,

    Thanks for the advice. I have put a RSS feed and an atom feed there now. Thanks for having a look too. more posts to come, if only I could find those missing hours in the day to do it…


  3. I think this was the first that was strictly Excel. The Office Weblog and Unofficial MS Office Stuff have been around longer, but Excel is only part of their content. There’s also The Fragile Last Mile of BI which may have started before me, but is spreadsheets in general.

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